About Me

Suqing Liu

Suqing [Richard] Liu

  • GenAI for Education
  • Computer Science Education
  • Language Models Implementations

McMaster University | 2024-Now

Computing and Software Master of Engineering

University of Toronto Mississauga | 2020-2024

Computer Science Specialist Degree

Current Works

Teaching Assistants' Feedback Summarization using LLMs

Using Prompt Engineering and Pre-Clustering of data we guide LLM to find insights and provide a helpful summary.

Collaborators: Michael Liut, Lisa Zhang

Small Language Model Experience Report

Our deployment process, challenges we faced, ways we recommend, and the Impossible Triangle.

Collaborators: Michael Liut, Zezhu Yu, Andreas Bergen


A tool to help aid educators use GenAI for their students.

Collaborators: Michael Liut

Previous Works

SLMs + RAG vs LLMs for Computing Education

Result demonstrated Mistral 7B (SLM) + IC (RAG) was able to surpass GPT-4 (LLM).

Paper Published at ACM ITiCSC 2024

Collaborators: Michael Liut, Zezhu Yu, Andreas Bergen, Philip Huang, Yousef Bulbulia

Contact Me

Email: suqingliu1018@gmail.com

Location: Canada